60 Rollicking Minutes on NPTR with Progressive Comedians, James Heneghen and Steve Hill (AUDIO)

Sunday night on National Progressive Talk Radio, my fellow host, Sean Prophet, and I had the pleasure of interviewing progressive comedians James Heneghen and Steve Hill. In an age of safe comedians, James and Steve stand out for their willingness to tackle social issues such as religion, inequality and the broken state of our electoral system. James and Steve spent an hour with us discussing these issues with often hilarious results. You can listen to the full broadcast below. Two Warnings: 1) There is some salty language here, so don’t open up this link at work or around your kids. 2) Don’t take a drink while listening unless you for some reason want to expel your beverage from your nostrils. Visit National Progressive Talk Radio on Facebook. You can also download previous broadcasts on iTunes.

Author: David Phillips

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