5th Grader Targeted 40 Classmates in Columbine-Style Plot

An 11-year-old boy from New Jersey is expected to be charged by the cops after an alleged plot to kill 40 classmates was uncovered by investigators.

School officials from Central Elementary School in Wall Township found a note with violent threats back in April. A subsequent investigation found a more elaborate plan on the boy’s computer targeting 40 students.

Police said the boy was plotting a violent act similar to a Columbine or Newtown at the school.

At least one member of the student’s family has weapons, but the boy supposedly does not have access to them.

The boy has been suspended and banned from enrolling in the school for the current school year.

Thankfully, this was stopped before something horrible happened. Even if this was part of some fantasy, it is still disturbing that this kid went so far as to write up an elaborate plot to kill 40 people on his computer.

Author: The Blue Route

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