Month: October 2013

Senate Hopeful: It's Not Global Warming – It's The Judgment of God

When Texas Senate hopeful David Barton sat down with televangelist Kenneth Copeland for another “Believer’s Voice of Victory” series, he gifted us with some amazing new information: “global warming” is not caused by anything we’re doing. It’s God’s wrath. For abortion. “Floods are under the curse, tornados are under the curse, murderers, pedophiles,” he explained. […]

Activist Says Marriage Equality Leads To Bestiality, Self-Marriage

We are all used to the outrageous “slippery slope” arguments coming out of the marriage equality debate. A well- known activist in the “family” circuit in Hawaii has a not-so-new argument, though, and a new one. Jim Hochberg, President of Hawaii Family Advocates (isn’t it weird how these bigoted organizations always have the word “family” […]

If You're Chunky, You Won't Get A Treat From This North Dakota Woman, Expect A 'Fat Letter'

A North Dakota woman is doing something most unusual this Halloween season. Instead of treats, she is giving letters addressed to the parents of visibly obese children who come trick-or-treating at her door. The woman, identified only as Cheryl, called in to radio station WRIG to inform them of what she plans to do.The letters […]