Month: September 2013

Sarah Palin's Cheap Shot at President Obama: ‘We Don’t Do Pinpricks, But Sometimes We Elect Them’ (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin, aka “Caribou Barbie”, was on Sean Hannity’s show on Monday night talking about the government shutdown. She actually had the audacity to say that the GOP leadership needs to remind the public that the shutdown is not ‘Armageddon’, but is a ‘pinprick’ and not the end of the world if there is a […]

60 Rollicking Minutes on NPTR with Progressive Comedians, James Heneghen and Steve Hill (AUDIO)

Sunday night on National Progressive Talk Radio, my fellow host, Sean Prophet, and I had the pleasure of interviewing progressive comedians James Heneghen and Steve Hill. In an age of safe comedians, James and Steve stand out for their willingness to tackle social issues such as religion, inequality and the broken state of our electoral […]

Bill Maher Compares Ted Cruz's Faux-buster To Miley Cyrus Twerking With Robin Thicke (VIDEO)

On Friday night’s episode of HBO’s “Real Time,” the funny and often combative Bill Maher had a mouthful to say about Ted Cruz’s stunt on the Senate Floor. Maher, in his trademark style of shocking his audience and panelists, compared Cruz’s filibuster that wasn’t a filibuster to Miley Cyrus’s controversial twerking on stage with “Blurred Lines” singer […]