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Obama v. Obama (Opinion)

As scandal after scandal continues to swirl around him, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Barack Obama’s biggest challenge may not be from the Republican Party…

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W. Kamau Bell Asks 'Is There Anything You Want To Say To A White Guy?' (VIDEO)

Recently on W. Kamau Bell’s very funny late night FX show, Totally Biased,” Bell took a polite Caucasian fellow into the streets of New York…

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Can We Say Infrastructure?

Let’s talk about our infrastructure and why it has to be a priority. We have just had a bridge built in 1955 collapse in Mount…

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Vid Weiner

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Anthony Weiner's Greatest Hit (VIDEO)

With Anthony Weiner’s return to the political arena, I thought it might be useful to point out a time when Representative Weiner was not a…

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Green Tea by Bill Day

Green Tea by Bill Day (click on image to enlarge) (click on image to enlarge) Bill Day’s award-winning cartoons are syndicated in more than 900…

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