Month: May 2013

Mika Brzezinski Takes On 'Pasty White Man Central,' AKA: Fox News (VIDEO)

Today on Morning Joe, co-host Mika Brzezinski challenged the recent sexist assertions by Erick Erickson and other Fox News talking heads (Lou Dobbs in particular). Responding to Erick Erickson’s comment that It’s ‘Anti-Science’ To Not Believe Men Should ‘Dominate’ Women. While it’s no surprise to see Brzezinski take offense to the station she referred to […]

'Those People Are Us': Alex Wagner Leans Forward On Immigration (VIDEO)

In her first “Lean Forward” ad for MSNBC, NOW Host Alex Wagner directly addresses the need for humane immigration reform, inflaming some conservative pundits and bloggers. The portion of the roughly minute long spot that seems to trouble those on the right is when Wagner refers to “Bigger, meaner, scarier fences, by people suggesting electrified, […]